Marketing is Supposed to Make it Easier

If you want me to check out your survey, why not make it easier?

I got a receipt the yesterday (it’s the holidays, I got a lot of them!) and the sales person asked me to complete a survey. Sure. It’s a great store and there’s a chance to win a gift certificate.

The receipt noted the following:   (“Storename” featured the actual store name, of course.)

And this is one of the better/easier ones I’ve seen.

If you want to takeaway all barriers and make it as easy as possible to complete an online survey, why not invest in an easy URL and redirect it to the survey page? Something like:

Simple enough. So is this then a function of the marketing department, the company managing the survey, or the technologists? It has to start somewhere. You’d expect the company managing the survey would make the recommendation to ensure the highest level of responses. Marketing would likely need to approve the URL. Technology would need to make it happen.

Take this all to another level: I’m a “frequent shopper” at this store. They know what I purchased (I used my card); they have my email address; why not simply send me a link.

Think Plan C Marketing Tips

The job of marketing is to break down barriers, yet many times it simply creates more. Marketing online gives us the power to extend our reach, yet often we stop short of fulfilling that opportunity.

Think about the simplest paths to connection and make them happen. It’s a lot easier than it looks.


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