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Why Plan C?

Most people look at one of two options. Order Chinese food family-style and you pick from column A and column B. Should we stay home or go out? Big decisions are described as “life or death” decisions. I think there are other options.

Who is Andrew Magnowski and why should we listen?

A recent decision to change my business-life finds me back to doing what I love most: creative work. In my former life, I served as the Director of Marketing for a healthcare organization, and prior I was the COO at Single Throw Internet Marketing, which had acquired the boutique design firm that I founded, The Argyle Studio, back in 2003.

My background – and foreground – is all about marketing. “Old school media,” as I refer to it, is where I started and learned all about design, copywriting, type specing, print production, media buying, sales, etc. Those same facets evolved with the advent of “desktop publishing” and the Internet, however at the end of the day, it’s the message and the results that matter. And the message is all about the receiver, not the deliverer. We’ll talk more about that in coming posts.

As most authors and content-creators are rightfully obliged to say, the ideas, thoughts, and comments represented here do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

Enough said for now. Want to know more about me, just Google me. You’ll find press releases, articles I’ve written, comments I’ve made…that sort of thing. Nothing juicy or titillating.

There are a lot of marketing blogs, why did you start writing this now?

It’s more of a “restart”… I’ve done a lot of writing over the years, and found that it’s one of my passions. You’ll find some of my writing online for business sites like Revenews, and creative writing sites as well. Life – and being overwhelmed by it – caused me to put some of my passions on the backburner. We (my life mate John and I) had dusted off the old list of goals and decided we have some catching up to do. And this is one of them. Of course, as with anyone who has passion for writing, I’ve got a book in the works (actually 2 or 3).

So as Nike says, “Just do it.” And that we shall. So here’s the challenge for you: Most people stop after looking at option A and option B. Make it your challenge to find option C and try it. Think Plan C.

Let the thinking begin.

Andrew Magnowski

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